The mini-keyboard is not BlackBerry’s saviour

The Globe and Mail, July 10, 2013


In many people’s minds, BlackBerry’s success or failure is linked to its handsets’ signature miniature keyboard. It’s the first thing fans bring up when singing the smartphone maker’s praises. That’s why BlackBerry Ltd. CEO Thorsten Heins’ warning Tuesday that the company expects operating losses in the next quarter is a worrying development. The second quarter (BlackBerry’s fiscal year is different from the calendar fiscal year) will deliver the verdict on U.S. sales numbers for the Q10, the BB10 model with a keyboard, and present a clear picture of just what the keyboard is worth to the company. Those who predicted that the June 21 U.S. launch of the Q10 would unleash a tsunami of pent-up demand may soon wish they had a time machine, not just a backspace key…


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