The taming of the groove: Will big business kill EDM?

The Globe and Mail, June 1, 2013


“A succession of repetitive beats.” In 1994, that’s how the British government defined the music played at raves, as part of a bill intended to outlaw them.
The public was horrified not only by tabloid tales describing orgies of drug-fuelled hedonism, but also by the fodder for the enormous subwoofer speakers rattling homeowners’ windows on the weekends: dance music.
Almost two decades later, dance music, to most people, means an abrasive style beloved by the young, and grouped by pretty much everyone under the umbrella term electronic dance music, a.k.a. EDM. If you’ve ever heard Skrillex – or a trash compactor going to work on a turntable that’s playing a disco record at half speed – you’ve heard the most extreme end of the genre…


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