Blog launch: and other writing

December 20, 2010

After several months of tweaking, hemming and hawing, I’m ready to go public with my new project, A Void. As the description on the site says, a void is a blog about beat music. That means instrumental hip-hop, dubstep, grime, techno and anything else that pushes the boundaries of music you can nod your head to. The name is a reference to the fact that most of the music is instrumental, ie. without vocals, though it isn’t exactly empty. So check it out, download some singles, add it to your RSS reader, follow it on Twitter, Like the page on Facebook, go crazy.

To start it off, here’s my Top 10 Albums of 2010 list. You’ll notice that it’s not so focused on the theme of the blog, but I really hate lists that stay, shall we say, on message. Besides which, six years writing for an alt.weekly is going to rub off; some residual Spoon fandom is a small price to pay.

PS: Two articles I recently did for Spinner: The best hip-hop albums of 2010 and Hip-hop’s indie rock connections, parts one and two.

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